Many guests do the traditional round trip to see as much as possible of the island. You will remember the tedious car journey long after you have forgotten all the wonderful sights en route! Choose a central location as a starting point of your excursions and don’t stay every night in a different location – this creates unwanted stress.

If you have studied already your guide book and you want to see something in Kandy. We drop you in town – free of charge –and you find a tuk-tuk to come back. We can offer a guided tour around Kandy. There are also half day and full day trips to see the area around Kandy – up to Sigiriya and into the tea country. And once you have seen enough tea, there are elephants, village life and culture – and relaxation!

  • There are short trips you can do alone and some where we can offer guidance. Both can be combined or you also can do all trips on your own:

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On your own:

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