Come and see why our private villa is the perfect place.

“Kandy is a bustling noisy place; a sharp contrast to the peace and tranquility of the Villa. When you first arrive the road is quite daunting but you soon come to realise that it forms a barrier between your sanctuary, the Villa and the rabble outside. One of the many charms of the place the resident tuk-tuk service and although geographically it may be a distance of 3 km between the Villa and downtown Kandy you can get into town anytime you like on the tuk-tuk.

Beside the stunning view, it is the Sri Lankan cuisine our guests enjoy most. High above the Mahaweli River you can just let go and chill out – or have a dip in the swimming pool of the Cinnamon Citadel down along the river. We drop you and pick you up free of charge. Children love the tuk-tuk ride!

Most stay two nights, some three, four or more. We only accept bookings for minimum 2 nights to avoid the atmosphere of a bus stand with one half coming and the other going.

Why not to stay 3 or 4 nights – from the 4th night it will be cheaper per night and we help to organize your trips. And you need at least 2 full days to discover Kandy and the vicinity!

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