Cultural Triangle Matale – Dambulla – Sigiriya

Dambulla and Sigiriya are 2 spectacular places with cultural monuments, which are mentioned in all guide books. We can discover them from Kandy within a day. We drive from Kandy 2 ½ hours to Sigiriya, climb the rock and afterwards have lunch somewhere in Sigiriya. This climb is not suitable for people with fear of heights. Then we drive to Dambulla and visit the cave temple – and then we have to see how much more culture we can digest. There are enough places on the way back: Aluvihare, Matale, but you will be tired. All places North of Sigiriya are too far for a day trip from Kandy.

  • There are short trips you can do alone and some where we can offer guidance. Both can be combined or you also can do all trips on your own:

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